Essential Scrub Babies, Volume 2: The Heroes Collection

Produced by O. Poz

Mastered by Bob Olhsson

Bromo Hmnbguitar and vocals
Ozly Poz—guitar, vocals, keyboard, bass
Taw Taw—guitar, vocal

Pswaydo Conswar—juridical voice-overs

Olaf Hvaðheitirhann—air tambourine, refreshments

The Chief Executive—percussion

About the Album

Essential Scrub Babies, Volume 2: The Heroes Collection, the much-anticipated follow-on album to Essential Scrub Babies, Volume 1: The Nemo Collection, does not simply pick up where its predecessor left off, but also carries forward and subtly elaborates upon an already very nearly succinct articulation of a polemic not often broached in contemporary music. And in its all-but-ineffable expression of eternal questions like, “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” it joins the exalted ranks of other groundbreaking albums, the likes of which the auditory world seldom if ever encounters.

Few who experience The Heroes Collection will be immune to the solemnity betokened in the leitmotifs that permeate the album, as it bids adieu! to founding member and front man, Bromo Hmnb (pronounced, “Hummgnobb,” the supererogatory “g” being silent), whose charismatic leadership took the band of zany misfits to strange and esoteric musical places few have expressed an inclination to visit, and fewer still have willingly traversed. But while The Heroes Collection does perhaps evoke the sentiment, “He has gone on to lend his voice to the music of the spheres, and we are diminished by his loss!” those who venture to listen to it in its entirety will come away feeling nothing short of joyousness. As such, the album is a fitting tribute.