Five Four with E-Bow and Spoon

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett and Byron Sheppard

Night upon night gather the winds in a cold sky.

Unnumbered stars meet faded eye.

At the roadside effigies stand in the star glow.

Idols on wheels trundle but slow.

Turn upon turn Heaven and Earth whirl like clock wheels.

Numbered moments stolid time steals.

Lantern-wheel heart trysts in the night, moments tick by.

Gathering storms rise in the sky.

Staunch men of straw sway in the wind. Patchwork weeds flail:

pinions and cogs of no avail.

Automata adorable whir for calm, please.

They do not pray; they have no knees.

New lights wink bright; cognizant chips' precious bits fly.

Quantized dreams flit in sphery eye.

Those of the faith number the cogs where the hearts meet.

Never results can they repeat.

At the roadside old men of stone glare in star glow.

Idols on wheels must grind them low.