About the Song

Ozly Poz’s longstanding wife and most ocularly circumvolved critic, Mrs. Smith, upon listening to “Circle Turn,” remarked, “It is so strange that you would write a song about dancing, since you don’t even dance!” Ozly was unable to formulate a response within the time constraints of the conversation.

Circle Turn

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett

Earth spin—sunrise, sunrise—

revolution (revolution)—

orbits ascending—

circles fill the skies—

welkin-etched zeros

espied with cypher eyes—

compass conundrum—

eyes wide—sunset, sunrise—

circumspection (circumspection)—

one seeks out inward

glimmer, winks at aught to see—

Oh! Oh!—Oh! Oh!—Heavens!—

a wink’s good as a nod

to a twinkle in the mind’s eye of an imaginary god.

Baby baby baby baby baby—

Won't you join me in a circle turn?

Where we began we begin again, baby.

Circle skirt needs elevating—

Better hold on, baby, gonna be gyrating.

Free spin—move in—move in—

perturbation (perturbation)—

figure repeating,

effacing empty space—

inside zeros

O! O! fractals fill—

circular maneuvers—

turn, turn—return, return—

full circle (full circle)—

heavens swirling,

make mandalas of trails—

five trillion sunrises

in five trillion eyes

cannot erase the after image of a cold and empty sky.

Baby baby baby baby baby—

Got to get you in an inside spin.

Where we end we begin again, baby.

Tracing zeros on a worn dance floor,

When I'm with you, girl, seems like something more.

Baby baby baby baby baby—

Won’t you meet me in a Lindy turn?

Let it begin as it began before.

Heavens move with you, dancing girl—

Put your hand in mine, gonna make you twirl.