About the Song

“Look at You Now” explores a dramatic arc involving the brief emotional journey of a guy who spent a very long time getting over a bad breakup with a girl who now wants to stay in touch. It draws to some extent on Dave Mason’s “Feeling Alright” for inspiration, although it is clearly a darker take on a situation not really at all similar. Ozly’s guitar solo reflects his usual anger and frustration upon encountering nonstandard spellings.

Look at You Now

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett

Well, look at you now.

I seem to recall

you once looked to me

for validity.

But then the winds of change

blew your mind, made you strange,

and I did not know you;

I had to let go.

Love was ours to fail:

you lost it all in a short sale.

Now wouldn't it really be cool to know

how bitter the chill winds still blow?

Well, what do you know?

Have you got something to show

for breaking my heart?

Did you trade up for your part?

Seems the sands of time

at the scene of the crime

now betray your return:

you can steal, but you don't learn.

Just look around:

nothing here not locked down.

Now you just cover your tracks, disavow all blame,

and go back the way that you came.

So we meet again.

How have you been?

Been a long while

since last I saw you smile.

The seed that starts

in the wayside of young hearts

must vie for the light

with vanity like night.

Love that grows there

is wondrous brief, but fair.

But hasn't it really been good to see—

remembering just you and me?