I’m Off the Clock

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett and Byron Sheppard

I’ve been working for you, Baby, all the day and all the night.

Been meeting all your quotas, working overtime, that’s right.

Now you’ve got your schedules to meet,

and yes it’s true your lips are sweet,

but I’m off the clock.

I’ve been sweating in the noon sun, shivering in the winter wind,

working double shifts for you, girl; what you want don’t ever end.

Now you’ve got your orders to fill,

And it’s true your touch can thrill,

but I’m off the clock.

Now it seems you’ve got incentives, got some perquisites for me.

But there is presently no benefit, no bonus plan I care to see.

You claim the compensation’s fair,

well just right now I do not care,

‘cause I’m off the clock.