Have You Seen?

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett

Have you seen their faces?

Does it show?

Hearts guess distant places,

must refuse not to know.

Well have you seen

their eyes on the sky,

their wings poised to fly?

And does the wind embrace them,

take them high,

rush even to displace the

breath that whispers goodbye?

And does the wind,

in sway, in full swell,

divide and dispel?

And has your heart been swept

on currents strong

and known the exaltations

of the fugitive throng?

And has your heart

but grasped at the wind

to find them again?

And do you see the sky

empty before you?

Steady the clear eye descries

now nothing but blue.

Well do you see

so far as sight can

whence this flight began?

Do you keep that day bright

in you heart

when dreams did soar in free flight

before dreamers did part?

And do you keep

your eyes on the sky

your wings poised to fly?