About the Song

In its essence, “I Guess (It’s a Love Song)” constitutes an exemplificative application of a tenet fundamental to modern criticism, that a work must stand on its own; and being so constituted, as applied to the particular song, it is possible to state that a song about love, like love, means exegetically what it actually means. That is not to say that love is not a source of confusion.

I Guess (It’s a Love Song)

Words and Music by Thomas Gannett

I guess I never really understood.

And I guess you never tried ’cause you thought I would.

I have been disabused, but I’m still confused.

And I keep to what I know even if I don’t know.

And I guess I never thought I’d let you down;

always thought I’d have the time to make up the lost ground.

So many things of late past their best-by date,

but I’ll still do what I can do even if it won’t do.

Now if it happens I should say “I love you,”

and you don’t know what that means, anymore:

If you wonder what it means that I do,

what a wondrous thing must my love be for you!

I guess it doesn’t matter what I say

if what I’m trying to convey amounts to word play.

But if my point is missed I can still insist

when all is said it did amount just to what I said.

Well I guess it all makes sense, at least so it seems,

but I guess I’m still nonplussed, whatever that means.

I learn my lessons hard but I learn them well.

If you ask me what I’ve learned I’ll answer, time does tell.

Now if in passing I should say “I love you,”

and you don’t know what that means anymore:

if it needs to be defined, can’t you see,

what an infinite thing my love for you must be!